6/28 Dordrecht
6/29 Amsterdam @ OCCII
6/30 Wormerveer (NL)
7/2 Belgium
7/3 Rotterdam @ Roodkapje
7/4 Paris @ Chair De Poule
6/28 Dordrecht
6/29 Amsterdam @ OCCII
6/30 Wormerveer (NL)
7/2 Belgium
7/3 Rotterdam @ Roodkapje
7/4 Paris @ Chair De Poule


Saturday, January 27 - Kendraplex, house show in Philly w/ Kohoutek, Frank Hurricane, Ethan WL
Saturday, February 3 - Names Divine, Francis Kite Club in East Village, Manhattan
Thursday, February 8 - Kendraplex, Mama Tried in Brooklyn
Friday, March 8 - Names Divine at Record Shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn
Saturday, March 16 - Names Divine at Young Ethel’s in Brooklyn
Thursday, April 4 - Names Divine at Hart Bar
Friday, May 3 - Kendraplex at Judson Memorial Church for Blotter Bath
Thursday, May 16 - Names Divine at Hart Bar in Brooklyn opening for somesurprises


Saturday, January 29 - Kendraplex opening for Mute Duo at Constellation in Chicago
Thursday, Jan 26 - opening for FRAN at Cactus Club in Milwaukee
Sunday, Jan 22 - MIND CRUSH (Kendraplex/Chelsea Bridge) at Chaos Computer in Brooklyn
Saturday, Jan 21 - Kendraplex opening for Danny Arakaki at Union Pool in Brooklyn
Friday, Jan 20 - Kendraplex/Chelsea Bridge  Drone Not Drones at Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis
Sunday, April 2 - Unrehearsed #123 Improvised Music on Pierce St. In Milwaukee
Friday, April 14 - MIND CRUSH (Kendraplex/Chelsea Bridge) at Cafe Mustache in Chicago
Thursday, April 25 - Names Divine at Promises in Milwaukee w/ Frank Hurricane and Dandy L. Freling
Friday, May 5 - Kendraplex w/ Chelsea Bridge at Milwaukee Psych Fest
Friday, June 9 - Kendraplex w/ Seawind of Battery at Room 31 (Arlo Nomad Hotel) NYC
Friday, June 16 - Bardo Bath at Williamsburg Savings Bank
Sunday, June 25 - Kendraplex opening for Drew Gardner at Union Pool in Brooklyn
Thursday, July 20 - Kendraplex w/  rootless (album release) and Ezra Feinberg at Sunview Luncheonette
Friday, August 4 - Kendraplex w/ Brigid Mae Power at P.I.T.
Thursday, August 17 - Kendraplex w/ John Bellows at a house in Flatbush
Saturday, September 9 - Kendraplex Live DJ set 6-9pm, Live music set 9-9:30 at Plant Base in Jersey City
Saturday, September 30 - Organ set for Bardo Bath at Sparrow Funeral Home
Saturday, October 7 - Kendraplex at P.I.T. in Brooklyn w/ Cyanide Tooth and Bhajan Bhoy
Tuesday, November 14 - Kendraplex at Rhizome in DC
Thursday, November 16 - Kendraplex at Ambient Country Fest / Monty Hall in Jersey City
November 19 - State Park in Cambridge, MA
November 21 - Names Divine at Union Pool in Brooklyn
December 2 - Kendraplex at Sparrow Funeral Home (Bardo Bath) in Brooklyn
December 28 - Caffeine Underground in Bushwick, Brooklyn

waterproof contact mic
piezo in three rubber coats
1/4” plug 7ft cable

send $28 with your address to



or checkout on bandcamp

Freaking Out with Kendraplex



Extra dimensions are old hat.
Now each vibe is a Pokémon, wwyd?

- Agitation classics,
- spiritual chaos - noise genre
drone excerpts
- tone worship,
- safe & sane record warping

Music! Every media format!
Incoming and outgoing phone calls!

- Voicemail,
- Audio attachments 
- Reading your horoscopes thru a tasteful amount of delay.

For the people.