Friday, June 9 - Kendraplex w/ Seawind of Battery at Room 31 (Arlo Nomad Hotel) NYC
Sunday, June 25 - Kendraplex opening for Drew Gardner at Union Pool in Brooklyn



Saturday, January 29 - Kendraplex opening for Mute Duo at Constellation in Chicago
Thursday, Jan 26 - opening for FRAN at Cactus Club in Milwaukee
Sunday, Jan 22 - MIND CRUSH (Kendraplex/Chelsea Bridge) at Chaos Computer in Brooklyn
Saturday, Jan 21 - Kendraplex opening for Danny Arakaki at Union Pool in Brooklyn
Friday, Jan 20 - Kendraplex/Chelsea Bridge  Drone Not Drones at Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis
Sunday, April 2 - Unrehearsed #123 Improvised Music on Pierce St. In Milwaukee
Friday, April 14 - MIND CRUSH (Kendraplex/Chelsea Bridge) at Cafe Mustache in Chicago
Thursday, April 25 - Names Divine at Promises in Milwaukee w/ Frank Hurricane and Dandy L. Freling

Friday, May 5 - Kendraplex w/ Chelsea Bridge at Milwaukee Psych Fest