July 21 - Names Divine at  18th Ward Brewery
July 27 - Kendraplex at Sparrow Funeral Home for 
August 3 - Names Divine at 360 Record Shop

Saturday, January 27 - Kendraplex, house show in Philly w/ Kohoutek, Frank Hurricane, Ethan WL
Saturday, February 3 - Names Divine, Francis Kite Club in East Village, Manhattan
Thursday, February 8 - Kendraplex, Mama Tried in Brooklyn
Friday, March 8 - Names Divine at Record Shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn
Saturday, March 16 - Names Divine at Young Ethel’s in Brooklyn
Thursday, April 4 - Names Divine at Hart Bar
Friday, May 3 - Kendraplex at Judson Memorial Church for Blotter Bath
Thursday, May 16 - Names Divine at Hart Bar in Brooklyn opening for somesurprises
Saturday, June 22nd in Nottingham at Annie’s Burger Shack
Sunday, June 23 in Sheffield at Bishop’s House
Tuesday, June 25th in Middlesbrough at Sonic Arts Festival
Wednesday, June 26th in Glasgow at Baked Beans on the Doorstep
with Bhajahn Bhoy
Thursday, June 28th in Dordrecht (NL) at DS17
Saturday, June 29th in Amsterdam (NL) at OCCII
Sunday, June 30th in Wormerveer (NL) at De Groote Weiver
Monday, July 1st in Gouda for Going Underground Radio
Tuesday, July 2nd in Antwerp and Dressing Circles
July 3rd in Rotterdam (NL) at Roodkapjje
July 4th in Paris at Chair De Poule


Saturday, January 29 - Kendraplex opening for Mute Duo at Constellation in Chicago
Thursday, Jan 26 - opening for FRAN at Cactus Club in Milwaukee
Sunday, Jan 22 - MIND CRUSH (Kendraplex/Chelsea Bridge) at Chaos Computer in Brooklyn
Saturday, Jan 21 - Kendraplex opening for Danny Arakaki at Union Pool in Brooklyn
Friday, Jan 20 - Kendraplex/Chelsea Bridge  Drone Not Drones at Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis
Sunday, April 2 - Unrehearsed #123 Improvised Music on Pierce St. In Milwaukee
Friday, April 14 - MIND CRUSH (Kendraplex/Chelsea Bridge) at Cafe Mustache in Chicago
Thursday, April 25 - Names Divine at Promises in Milwaukee w/ Frank Hurricane and Dandy L. Freling
Friday, May 5 - Kendraplex w/ Chelsea Bridge at Milwaukee Psych Fest
Friday, June 9 - Kendraplex w/ Seawind of Battery at Room 31 (Arlo Nomad Hotel) NYC
Friday, June 16 - Bardo Bath at Williamsburg Savings Bank
Sunday, June 25 - Kendraplex opening for Drew Gardner at Union Pool in Brooklyn
Thursday, July 20 - Kendraplex w/  rootless (album release) and Ezra Feinberg at Sunview Luncheonette
Friday, August 4 - Kendraplex w/ Brigid Mae Power at P.I.T.
Thursday, August 17 - Kendraplex w/ John Bellows at a house in Flatbush
Saturday, September 9 - Kendraplex Live DJ set 6-9pm, Live music set 9-9:30 at Plant Base in Jersey City
Saturday, September 30 - Organ set for Bardo Bath at Sparrow Funeral Home
Saturday, October 7 - Kendraplex at P.I.T. in Brooklyn w/ Cyanide Tooth and Bhajan Bhoy
Tuesday, November 14 - Kendraplex at Rhizome in DC
Thursday, November 16 - Kendraplex at Ambient Country Fest / Monty Hall in Jersey City
November 19 - State Park in Cambridge, MA
November 21 - Names Divine at Union Pool in Brooklyn
December 2 - Kendraplex at Sparrow Funeral Home (Bardo Bath) in Brooklyn
December 28 - Caffeine Underground in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Freaking Out with Kendraplex



Extra dimensions are old hat.
Now each vibe is a Pokémon, wwyd?

- Agitation classics,
- spiritual chaos - noise genre
drone excerpts
- tone worship,
- safe & sane record warping

Music! Every media format!
Incoming and outgoing phone calls!

- Voicemail,
- Audio attachments 
- Reading your horoscopes thru a tasteful amount of delay.

For the people.

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